Easy Bird Feeder

I've been wanting to make a pine cone (or pie corn as Finley calls them!) bird feeder with Finley for the past few weeks but every time we go out for a walk all I find is soggy, wet pine cones. (Not really a surprise, it's October in the northwest after all.)

I was pretty excited when I found this on Pinterest this morning. Yeah!

Bird seed? Check! Natural peanut butter (only the best for these birdies!)? Check! Paper towel roll? Check! (Well, check after I took all the paper towels off the roll. Note to self - keep the toilet paper and paper towel rolls instead of recycling them!)

Let's get to it...

Slather on that PB!

Do a taste test just to make sure the birds are going to like it.

Roll away...

And roll some more.

The best part? No string required! Just put it right on a tree branch!

Last step, enjoy the fall colors, run around a bit and do some fishing. (In other words, scare the birds away from the cool bird feeder you just made!)


  1. I am going to try this with Ali. It looks great. Do I have to use natural peanut butter though? :)

  2. Don't even bother with the natural PB. We haven't had any bird visitors yet and I'm sure that's the reason. (Or maybe it's the ninja cats in our yard. Daniel said I'm luring the birds to their death by putting up bird feeders!)

  3. Very cute! We did this for Zoe's birthday party! It was easy, I didn't have to worry about spillage (outside, of course) and.. did I mention easy? :-)

  4. Yeah, I'm all about easy and no clean up. What a great idea to do these for a birthday party. Sorry we couldn't make it this year. :(