Play: Flower World

Flower World is not just a garden store. In fact, I know nothing about the garden store because we didn't even look at it!

Instead, we spent an hour or two wandering around their grounds looking at the ponds, fountains, animals, stepping in a bit of animal poop and shopping for pumpkins. There was definitely enough there to keep the kids busy and entertained.

Grady has been walking for months now but I'm still a little hesitant to let both kids run wild when I'm out by myself. I usually keep Grady strapped down safely contained in the stroller and let Finley walk. I did bring the stroller, but there was really no need. This place is contained and safe enough to let the kids out on their own.

Grady looks like he's never seen a goose before. Oh, wait. Maybe he hasn't.

Please be my friend!

Again with the blank stare.

There's a smile. Well, kinda.

Who wouldn't smile at that handsome face?

After chasing the animals for a while, we walked across the street to Produce Market to pick out our pumpkins. Finley and Grady each picked out a pumpkin to take home. I vetoed this one that Grady tried to pick up. I'm sure it was half his size.

When we got home Finley decided she wanted to paint the pumpkins. 20 more minutes of happy and entertained toddler? Well, ok.

Play, Stay Way, or Just Okay
Flower World gets a definite Play rating. Total spent was $1.63 for the two pumpkins. Melt down count was an awesome zero! For the kids at least. Not for my car. The lovely burnt rubber/oil smell has returned so I think we'll be putting our kid outings on hold until we get that figured out. Bummer!

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