Fun on a Felt Board

Here's a fun and super easy project to keep your kids entertained and happy for hours and hours and hours. I guarantee it! ;) If you're anything like me the hardest part will be a trip to the craft store with the kids. (Why, oh, why do I always choose to go to the store right before lunchtime?)

After our quick (ha!) trip to Jo-Ann's, I sent the boy to bed and put the girl to work making Play-Doh soup and I got started. (After feeding them, of course.)

You don't need much for this project:
  • poster board (or a large piece of cardboard you have sitting around)
  • a large piece of felt (I got mine from the fabric department at Jo-Ann's)
  • felt squares
  • tape (I used painters tape)
  • scissors (the sharper the better, just keep the little hands out of the way)
Lay the poster board on top of the felt. Cut all the corners off to make folding easier. Then start tapin' away.

One tutorial I found mentioned gluing the felt onto the board with spray adhesive. Then I found this tutorial which is way more my style (less money and less effort). Do it this way.

And there you have it. Step 1 complete.

Step 2 requires a bit more craftiness and creativity. I did my best. Finley took a break from her Play-Doh cook-a-thon to demand suggest the cut-outs. We made some basic shapes (that I can handle), pumpkins (a little more difficult), a house, water, fish, etc.

What little girl doesn't want to live in a purple house with a pink door?

My attempt at a tree.

Finley had a lot of fun playing with it and gave it two thumbs up. Maybe I'll get over-ambitious one day and try these little dolls. How cute are they? There are lots of ideas and templates you can find online for inspiration. Or do what I did and make it up as you go along.

Total cost was $8.98 and I have loads of felt leftover for more projects like these. I think I've used up all my craftiness for the week, though. Those projects will have to wait for another rainy day.

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