Giving Crayon Chunks a New Life

If you're a parent and you're on Pinterest then I'm sure you've seen the melted crayon hearts project. Since we're having an art themed party for Finley I decided it was the perfect time to turn a Pinterest pin into a real project. I had quite a few "learn from my mistake" moments so listen closely!

The only things you need for this little craft are a bunch of crayons, a muffin tin, a warm oven, and strong fingernails.

You can use any crayon scraps you have lying around your house. Unfortunately, I don't have many pre-peeled crayons so I bought a new box and decided to peel those labels off myself.

Listen up, parents. This is not the time to cheap out on the generic crayons. I chose the crayons with the lowest price per crayon ratio. (I'm not the only one that looks at the unit price of crayons, am I?) I should have stuck with Crayola. I have no idea why, but they are a heck of a lot easier to peel the labels off of. And you will be doing A LOT of peeling. Go grab yourself a cup of tea, or coffee, or pour yourself a glass of wine. You're going to be here a while.

Once you're fingernails are covered in wax, gather up your little helpers and have them put the crayon chunks in the muffin tin. Now send them on their way. Their job is done.

Ahhhh, look at my little boy. Don't let this little cutie fool you, though. Beneath this smile lies a graffiti artist. He's a little ninja. He's in and out and before I know it he's tagged the whole house.

Back to the task at hand... Put the muffin tin in a 200 degree oven for about 15 - 20 minutes. Keep an eye on them and pull them out once all the little crayon chunks have melted.

Speaking of crayon chunks... Don't use any of the fancy-schmancy crayon varieties out there. Plain old Crayola crayons work best. The washable kind do this weird cloudy thing and look a little funny. I'm sure they're a breeze to clean off walls though.

Look at those pretty little crayons. I think they turned out pretty good. And yes, that's a glass of wine in the background. I wasn't lying. You will get a little parched peeling all those crayons. Cheers!


  1. Do you have to line the tins with anything? How do you get the melted crayons out?

  2. No, I didn't line them with anything. I let them cool completely and then I just took a knife and moved it around the edges and they popped right out. There were a few bits of crayon left in some of the cups but I was able to easily scrape it off and I gave it a good washing with soap and water. Hope that helps! Have fun!