Last Minute Halloween Decorations

I've been a little lazy when it comes to Halloween decorations. They're all the way up on a shelf in the garage. And getting to them would require getting a ladder out and actually climbing up the ladder. So it just hasn't happened.

But since it's Halloween today and I needed a little something to keep the kiddos occupied, I decided to pull out the construction paper and dress up the house a bit.

And this is what we ended up with...

We started with a spooky spider family with inspiration from simple as that. And it really is simple as that. This project doesn't really require step-by-step instructions, but I'll give them to you anyway.

Supplies: Construction paper, glue, scissors and googly eyes.

(Quickly check wikipedia to verify that spiders have 8 legs.) Cut 8 strips of paper and fold them accordion style. Cut out a large spider body as well.

Give the boy some paper and crayon to keep him occupied.

When that doesn't work, send him to bed. (It was nap time anyway.)

Take a picture of your little cutie. And move on to the gluing...

Glue on the legs, eyes, noses and any other parts your kid wants to add. Finley drew a mouth and a tongue on this baby spider and a mustache on the daddy spider.

Now for the next part. I found this printable Boo Banner from Pick Your Plum. So cute and so easy -- print it out, cut it out, and staple it to some ribbon. (Can you tell I don't do fancy around here?)

I stapled some ribbon to the spiders and the pumpkin we made for my pumpkin loving boy and hung those on the mantel with the banner. Not too bad for a last minute craft/decorating project. I'm sure we'll be looking at them until I pull out the ladder to get at the Christmas decorations!


  1. So cute! Was the banner cutout just printed on white paper? I totally need to remember that for next year (or better yet, print it out now because I'll forget). So cute!

  2. Thanks! The ones that are green were really meant to be white, I just ran out of white card stock and used green. I think I need to take a trip to the new Hobby Lobby soon!