Hand and Foot Turkey Craft

Here's a little turkey craft to get you in the Thanksgiving spirit. I found this craft idea from Enchanted Learning. I love this project since it uses your kid's hand and foot prints. (I can finally understand why my mom held on to all our preschool art projects! I don't think I'll be able to let go of anything with my kid's little hand and foot prints on it.)

-- Red, yellow, orange and brown paper
-- Scissors
-- Glue
-- Googly eyes

Start by tracing your kid's feet on a piece of brown paper. The 3-year-old was great for this. The 17-month-old, not so much. I got about 10% of his foot before he giggled and ran away.

Someone should really tame that hog's nest on her head.
Apparently, my daughter has a very mishappen left pinky finger.
Trace their hands on red, yellow and orange paper.

Cut out all hands and feet.

Start by gluing the two feet together and then glue all the hands around the body. Sorry I don't have any pictures of this step. Right about this time, the boy came running in with a diaper that he pulled out of the diaper pail. My kids are so gross.

I'm starting to learn that in order to do a craft, I need to have a craft ready for them to do while I'm actually doing the craft. Does that make sense? It's some weird cycle of crafting with kids.

Anyway, cut out a little turkey gobble neck, a beak and some turkey feet and glue those on, too. And then you're left with a cute little hand and foot turkey. How cute is that? Gobble gobble!

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