Crafting: Valentine's Heart Sun Catcher

I wonder if posting about Valentine's crafts before December is even over is like stores that put up Christmas decorations in November or October? If so, I'm sorry. But it had to be done.

I decided to start my research into Valentine's crafts figuring if I started now we might have a good chance of getting one or two done by February 14th. So last night I was pinning away and saw this pretty little heart. And then Finley saw this pretty little heart and wanted to make it RIGHT NOW!!! So we did!

  • Red or pink paper for large heart
  • Colored paper for small hearts
  • Clear contact paper
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • String or yarn

Start by cutting out a big heart and then cut out an inner heart from that. Then cut out two pieces of contact paper big enough for the heart.

It helps to flatten the contact paper before you peel it. (Totally unrelated - have you seen this book? It's changed my life. Ok, maybe not changed my life but it has provided me with 3 loaves of delicious, delicious bread! It's super easy and I totally recommend it!)

Back to the task at hand. Let your kid put the heart on the sticky contact paper and then put the smaller hearts inside it. I had pre-cut hearts that came in handy. I'm all about shortcuts around here. Letting your child cut out the hearts would probably be good for their fine motor skills and all that good stuff. But, hey, they gotta teach them something at preschool, right? ;)

When the decorating is complete, put the other piece of contact paper on by starting in one corner and smoothing it down to remove the air bubbles. Ours didn't turn out perfectly smooth, but what craft with kids does? I'm learning to accept imperfection. Next, cut around the heart and punch some holes at the top. Then tie on some string and hang it on your window.

How cute is that? Even with the wet and soggy background outside it makes you smile!

Finley had so much fun with the "sticky paper" that we made a heart for our neighbor, and a few decorations for her room. I'm beginning to think that contact paper is crafting gold for toddlers. I think I'll make a Pinterest board all about contact paper crafts!

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