Easy Painted Christmas Decorations

We've kind of been slackers with the Christmas decorations this year. Part laziness, part fear of what the boy will destroy. We're still trying to decide what we'll do about a Christmas tree this year. Anyone have any experience with a very adventurous 18-month-old boy and a tree? I'm kind of afraid he'll pull an ELF stunt and jump on it from the couch!

Back to the decorations... After Finley and I decorated the living room last weekend, she really wanted some decorations in her room. So we decided to make some. (I'm pretty sure Grady can't break paper, though he will try.)

I got out some big pieces of paper and traced some shapes on them (actually, Daniel did this one because my trees just weren't looking like trees). Then the kids had some fun painting.

Grady had fun eating the paint, as usual.

After the paintings dried, I cut out the shapes and hung them in the kids' room. I think she likes them!

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