Play: Molbak's Garden + Home

The kids and I met up with a friend and her daughter at Molbak's on Thursday. If you've been following my posts you've probably seen the free danish kringles and free Santa photos they have going on right now. They're really doing it up this Holiday season and I loved it. It was a very fun morning for the two moms and the kids.

We started with a (pretty quick) stroll through the home part of the store. It is FILLED with Christmasy stuff. So pretty!

Oh, how I wish I could decorate a tree with all of the beautiful ornaments in this store. I love all our odd-ball ornaments we've picked up over the years but part of me also loves those themed trees with gorgeous ornaments. Maybe one year.

The kids were super cute and posed for a few pictures for us. If you're looking for a frugal way to get some beautiful holiday photos, get yourself and your kids dressed up, grab a friend or a tripod and head to Molbak's. They have a beautiful poinsettia tree and a few areas set up with great backdrops for some awesome pictures. I might take my kids back (after I've scrubbed them off and combed their hair) and try to get a few pics.

For this trip I was a little too nervous to let Grady run loose amidst all the breakables in the store. So he stayed in the stroller for most of the time. He doesn't look too pleased, does he?

After our tour through the store it was just about time for our free danish kringles. These were a huge hit! Yum! They also had some delicious apples to sample, too.

By far the best part for the kids was running through the trees outside. I had no idea that Christmas trees plus a few kids could equal 30 minutes of pure fun. They had a blast running through the trees, playing hide and seek and picking out their favorite tree.

Finley wanted to take this one home. It's just her size!

Play, Stay Away or Just Okay
Definite Play for this place! I was a little on edge in the store part, but with Grady strapped in and Finley on her best behavior it wasn't so bad. The plant section is a lot of fun and you won't have to be on high alert as much. While we were trying to distract the kids we played a little game of "Find the yellow plant. Now find the red plant." It worked to keep them busy so I could chat with my friend for a second or two.

If you go this month, don't forget about the free Danish Kringles and Santa photos. We'll definitely be going back and not just during the holidays. They have lots of fun stuff all year round that I will continue to tell you about!

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