Play: Lynnwood Library Toddler Play & Learn Group

The kids and I checked out the Toddler Play & Learn play group at Lynnwood Library last week. This play group is sponsored by both the library and The Little Red School House, a community-based service provider for Snohomish County families with children, ages birth to three, who have developmental disabilities, developmental delays, or are at risk of falling behind their peers.

The kids and I had a lot of fun at this play and learn group. They had lots of toys, each set up at various stations. There was a dollhouse, trays of Mr. Potato Heads, a small slide, music toys, trays of play food,  fishing poles and fish, trays of playdough, and more.

The kids played for about 45 minutes. Then they all put the toys away on the tables and the instructor led circle time with songs and little music shakers. It was just the right balance of play time and circle time.

I think we went on a pretty busy day. There were probably over 20 parents there and even more kids. But the kids were actually very civilized with each other. I think the play stations help quite a bit.

Play, Stay Away or Just Okay
The Lynnwood Library Play and Learn Group gets a Play rating from me. I know the library's main mission is to encourage reading, but I love that they have a group that's about playing as well. (I'm sure my kids aren't the only ones that have trouble sitting still for story time!) We will definitely be back for more playing and learning!

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