Cooking for Kids: Pizza Cups

I seem to start all my crafting and cooking posts with, "Sooooo, I saw this cool <fill in the blank> on Pinterest the other day..." Well, this one is no different.

I've been seeing these wonton wrapper recipes make a splash on Pinterest the last few months -- taco cups, breakfast cup, lasagna cups. So, I decided to use up some leftover wonton wrappers tonight and make some pizza cups. They're easy and fun and you can even get all the ingredients ready and let your kids help with the assembling.

  • Wonton wrappers (24 to make 12 pizza cups)
  • Shredded mozzarella
  • Sliced olives
  • Marinara sauce
  • Cilantro
  • Cooking spray
  • Cupcake pan
Preheat the oven to 350ยบ. Then lightly spray the cupcake pan with oil. Place a wonton wrapper in each cup.

Add a spoonful of marinara, a few olive slices, a pinch of cilantro, and a sprinkle of cheese. I have no exact measurements here. Just add what looks good. You want to fill each cup about half full.

Gently press another wonton wrapper in each cup. 

Then repeat with the fillings. Bake for about 25 minutes. Let cool for a few minutes before serving.

Finley looked at them and said, "Those look extra, extra delicious!" Then she devoured about 4 of them. Grady loved them, too, and polished off a few. It always feels so good to put some effort into a meal and have your kids appreciate it.

You can turn these wonton cups into pretty much anything you want. Add some pepperoni or salami for a meat lovers pizza cup. Or sneak in some veggies. I've also used leftover chili and topped the little cups with sour cream and salsa.

Here's a fun recipe for Chicken Taco Cups that uses a mini muffin tin. And here's another for Lasagna Cups. Next time I think I might try a BBQ Bacon Chicken Cup with a little ranch dipping sauce on the side. Mmmmmm... bacon! The possibilities are endless!


  1. Yours look better than the ones we make! Or just..different. http://www.becausemoreismore.com/2010/10/12/tasty-tuesday-pizza-in-a-cup/

    Kids love these though, so it's not surprising they didn't end up on the floor. What a fun night for you all!

    1. Yours look good, too! I'll have to try them with biscuits. I bet they taste a bit more pizza-ish.

  2. In what section at the store do you get wonton wrappers? Looks like something I'd like to try!

    1. You can find them in the produce section. They can be hard to find sometimes but they're usually tucked in next to the salad mixes. I hope you like them!

  3. I see that you are in WA, too. I am in Marysville, WA!

    1. Yes! I'm not too far from you. I have a whole section on my blog about kid's activities in the area, story times and indoor play - http://playforaday.blogspot.com/p/calendar.html. Some of the activities are a bit south of you but you might find some in your area. Have a great sunny day!