Play: World’s Tastiest Frozen Yogurt in Mill Creek

We took the kids to World’s Tastiest Frozen Yogurt in Mill Creek yesterday for a little treat. We've been meaning to check them out since they opened up a few months ago.

Given the name I kind of wanted to go in and shout, "You did it! Congratulations! World's tastiest frozen yogurt!" I didn't want to embarrass my family so I kept it to myself!

World's Tastiest Frozen Yogurt did live up to it's name though. It was pretty darn tasty. They let us sample a few flavors before we decided on what we wanted. They had loads to choose from so it was pretty hard to choose. And lots of toppings like strawberries and mangos and gummy bears (or teddy gums and Finley referred to them!) and brownies and M&M's and much, much more. Finely and I went for pineapple, strawberry and cheesecake topped with M&M's, teddy gums and strawberry sauce. I don't remember what flavors Daniel and Grady got because I was too busy stuffing my face.

After our frogurt we took a little walk on the North Creek Trail. The kids were super cute holding hands and skipping together.
We even spotted a cute little mama duck and her baby ducklings. Such a fun summer evening!

Play, Stay Away, or Just Okay
I think anything covered in gummy bears gets a Play rating! Especially when there are coupons involved!

Before we left I did my usual google search for a coupon and found an article on $20 Dollar Date Night. They mentioned something about a Pirq app that had coupons so of course I had to check it out. App + coupons = my favorite things!

So this Pirq thing is pretty cool. It hooks you up with discounts at local area restaurants. You see what discounts are available, "reserve" the one you want, and show it when you check out. You don't have to pay for them like a Groupon, you just reserve it and use it. World's Tastiest Frozen Yogurt had coupons for 30% - 50% off. I snagged the 50% off coupon! Yippee! I definitely recommend downloading the app.

If you need a fun and inexpensive activity, you should head to World's Tastiest Frozen Yogurt. And if frogurt isn't your thing you can pick up a latte at the other half of their shop - The ABS Coffee Company. Or get one of each. Just go for a little stroll on the trail afterwards and you'll work it all off.

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