Firetrucks, Firetrucks and More Firetrucks

I ended up taking Finley to the Fire District 7 Open House this afternoon and I'm so glad I did. I was really just going so we'd have something to pass the time on a Sunday afternoon while Grady was napping. But I actually learned a lot and I think I enjoyed it even more than her. (It seems that hotness is a firefighter requirement along with CPR and first aid. Just sayin'.)

Free cookies and a fire hat!

Hanging out with the haz-mat guy.

They had lots of fire trucks and ambulances set up in the station for kids to climb in and check out. (Of course Finley was too scared to go in any of them!) They also had a cute puppet show for the kids with songs about fire safety. Finley wasn't too timid to dance around to those.

The firefighters did a vehicle extrication demonstration. It was pretty impressive watching them use the jaws of life to take the doors off a car. Seeing that sure made me thankful that we have firefighters that are just minutes away when we need them. (But I sure hope we never need them for something like this!)

If you have an open house in your neighborhood I totally recommend going. It's fun for the kids and a great reminder about fire safety. I'm off to check my smoke detectors and start on our fire escape plan. You should, too!

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