Friday Five - My Google Habits

It seems like a lot of blogs have a catchy little post they do every week. What I Wore Wednesday is the first thing that pops into my head. You don't want to see me in my monkey PJs or my t-shirt and jeans momiform so we'll skip that one. How about we try the Friday Five? I may or may not make this a weekly thing. I can't make any promises. I come from a family that does something once (and never again) and we still call it a tradition. We're weird like that.

The other night Daniel was watching Kipper the Dog with the boy (yet again) and we got to talking about Pig and Arnold. What's up with those two? Are they father and son? Father and daughter? A totally unrelated grown pig with an unusual interest in a juvenile swine? Before Google (or B.G. as I just started calling it right this second) we probably would have spent an entire evening analyzing the situation. Thankfully, I was able to quickly end the discussion with a few tippity taps on the mac. (If you're still reading and interested in the slightest, Arnold is Pig's toddler cousin. Never would have guessed it.)

Anyway, that got me thinking about the strange things I have googled over the years. So here is this weeks Friday Five.

Five things I never thought I'd Google
  1. Kipper relationship between Arnold and Pig (as described above)
  2. 3-year-old sucks thumb and sticks finger up nose (Don't ask, we're working on it. It may or may not be better than number 3...)
  3. Toddler sucks thumb and touches nipple (Am I sharing too much here? My daughter's going to hate me one day.)
  4. Difference between sewer smell and dead animal smell (I wish I was making this up. It was the latter. And I don't want to talk about it.)
  5.  Why is my kids poop green (Answer: blueberries)
Funny that those searches just about sum up my life most days - Kipper, fingers up the nose, bad smells and poop. A day in the life of a stay-at-home mom!

If my Google search habits don't entertain you, take a look at Google Trends. Here are the top searches for October 27, 2011. I wonder when baby books will be updated to include the top 3 searches along with the price of bread and a gallon of milk on the day your baby is born.

So now you a little bit about me. What about you? What have you googled recently? Anything funny you'd like to share?

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