Color Buckets

If it's looking like this outside, here's a good activity to keep your kids busy inside.

All you need for this little game is some colored containers. We have a couple of buckets from Finley's art-themed birthday party that work perfectly. I think these were around a dollar each at a party store. If you don't have colored buckets or containers, you could always tape a piece of paper on a bowl. Once you have your containers, send your kids on a color hunt around the house to find things that match the container.

Finley had a lot of fun showing me her finds.

Turns out we don't have too many purple items in our house.

Sure, you might spend a bit of time putting all the toys back where they belong. But it's worth a few minutes of uninterrupted facebook time, isn't it? (Unless you can convince your kids that putting the toys back is part of the game, too. Which would be awesome since you could spend a few minutes on Pinterest, too.)

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