Picture Scavenger Hunt

I just hit on an awesome game for Finley that I should have done months ago! Over the summer we let Finley play around with an old digital camera that we don't use anymore. She has so much fun running around the house taking pictures of anything and everything. I'm pretty sure if the house burned down we would have every single one of her toys photographed so there would be no problem at all getting replacements. Smart girl! (On the downside there are way too many pictures of my behind. Those ones get erased immediately!)

Tonight I decided to try something new and I sent her on a picture taking scavenger hunt.

I drew pictures in a little notebook and told her to go take photos of the things. She loved looking around the house for everything and showing me her pictures.

Here she is showing me her chair picture.

And taking a picture of her bed.

I'm putting this little game in my "keep 'em busy" notebook. It even kept Grady occupied because he had so much fun chasing Finley around. Yes, we will definitely be playing this game again.

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