Play: Cabela's - The Dead Animal Zoo

Cabela's is an outdoor store with clothing, hunting, camping, and fishing equipment. And it just so happens that they also have a zoo. Well, not really. A dead animal zoo. But you don't have to tell your kids that. If they start to catch on, just lean in and blow on the fur a bit and they'll never know the difference.

Look at all those animals. No, little dearies, they're not dead. They're just sleeping with their eyes open. Trust me. Would I lie to you?
When you grow tired of looking at the animals, you can move upstairs and check out the weapons that lead to their demise. Cabela's: teaching kids about life and death since 1961.

I wonder what kind of lies Gramps is telling my son.
Uh-oh. An animal broke free. How did that happen? I usually strap him in real good.
Look at that big bear!
Play, Stay Away or Just Okay
Without a doubt, Cabela's gets a big huge Play rating. I love this place. The kids were so excited as soon as they walked in and saw the airplane hanging from the ceiling. There's lots of animals to see (even if they are dead). And if you work up an appetite after checking out all the guns and animals, you can stop by the nice little cafe that serves ostrich and wild boar. Awesome!

If you're traveling down South, the Cabela's in Lacey is a great pit stop to stretch the legs and give the kids something to do. Or if you're patient, you can wait until 2012 when a new Cabela's will be opening up in Tulalip near the Seattle Premium Outlets. You know I'll be taking the kids to "the zoo" in Tulalip, too. I wonder how long it will be before they're on to me?

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