Letter to Santa

I'm so excited that Finley is a little bit older and we can start some Christmas traditions. I'm starting to feel the pressure though - only 16 days until Christmas! Time to get going on all the Christmas crafts and activities! Today we started by writing a letter to Santa.

Because I'm not the most creative person in the world, my first stop was Pinterest to find a cute printable to use. I loved this one from Style Me Gorgeous. I like it because it is part coloring page and it doesn't have very many fill in the blanks. Finley is only 3 so her writing skills are still in progress!

I wrote out the words on another sheet of paper so she could just copy them on her letter. Her "book" kind of looks like "boot" but she's actually getting a book and a pair boots from Santa so that's no big deal. I think she did a pretty good job and Santa is going to love his colorful letter!

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