Play: Story Time at Mill Creek University Book Store

I had to get down to the bottom of the University Book Store Story Time/Top Pot donuts rumor once and for all. So I took the kids to Mill Creek Town Center this morning to do a little investigating. And it's good news! There are indeed Top Pot donuts served alongside story time!

The Good Stuff
The book store has a nice little area in the back of the store that they clear out for story time. They have chairs for the adults and floor space for the kids. When I saw them bring out the tray of donuts I thought, "Yippee!" And then, "Oh, no! Are they going to make these kids fidget and drool over those donuts while the stories are read?"

But these guys are pros. They handed out the pink and chocolate donuts (half-donuts actually) to the kids along with a little bottle of water before the stories started.

A book store employee read two books to the kids while they stuffed their faces with donuts.

The other kids may have been more polite. I didn't have a chance to look around. I was too busy trying to sneak bites of the boy's donut.

After the stories, the kids played and did some coloring. Finley stayed put until she finished her pretty pink barn. Then we played for a bit in the store and took a little walk around the town center.

Play, Stay Away or Just Okay
Hmmm... I wonder what rating I should give to a story time that includes delicious donuts. Perhaps, Play? Yes, Play!

I love that Mill Creek Town Center is 5 minutes from our house and that this story time is at 11 a.m. It's perfect for those days when we have a tough time getting out the door (which is pretty much every single day). The story time part of it is a bit short, but they had coloring and then there's the rest of the kid's section with books and toys to keep the kids busy. And if that isn't enough to tire your kids out, take a walk along the North Creek Trail or check out Reigning Imagination Toys.

After all that fun I had to wrestle a back-arching boy into his car seat. You know it's a fun outing when someone throws a fit about having to go home!

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