Fluffy Bunny Craft

I have been seriously slacking on the crafting side of things lately. I'm full of excuses - working on taxes (done!), refinancing the house (in progress), taking care of sick kids (all better and then they got sick again), training for a half-marathon through Team in Training (3 months to go!). This list goes on and on....

But Easter is quickly approaching and I have very few decorations for the house so I thought we should get our craft back on. We started with this cute and simple paper plate bunny.

  • Paper plate
  • White and pink paper
  • Cotton balls
  • Black and pink pipe cleaner
  • Pink pompom
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue
  • Scissors
You can use the standard white paper plate but I went with a smaller cake/appetizer plate, flipped it over to the white side and cut the edge off. I figured smaller plate equals smaller mess. :)

Cover the plate with a whole lotta glue and let your kids cover it in cotton balls. This brought a smile to Finley's face.

And made Grady grimace. He did not like the mess of the glue.

Cut out two big white pieces and two small pink pieces for the ears. Glue those together and glue them to the back of the plate. Then add the eyes, nose, mouth and whiskers. I'm not sure if they look more like bunnies or kittens. Either way they're cute and it kept the kids happy for a bit. And hopefully this will kick start my crafting!

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