Fun with Oobleck

Who doesn't love Oobleck? I remember my mom making this for us growing up. I have vague recollections of her making us play with it outside though. And I can see why. It can get a bit messy.

The best thing about this is you probably have these ingredients in your pantry already: cornstarch, water, and food coloring (totally optional, but ooey gooey stuff is way more fun when it's green, isn't it?)

The mixture is 1 part water to 1 1/2 - 2 parts cornstarch, plus food coloring. Start with the cornstarch and then begin adding the water until you get the right consistency. I had a hard time mixing the food coloring into the cornstarch/water mixture after it became a glob of goo. (There were bits of green that didn't get mixed in so Finley was left with Shrek hands afterwards. Ooops! Next time I'll mix the food coloring into a bit of water first.)

Finley had fun right from the beginning. She helped me mix it all together.

And it wouldn't be craft time without a little mischief from the boy. He has this habit of getting his head stuck in the back the chair. Then he yells out "Maaaammmmaaaa! I stuck!" I swear he says "I stuck" 50 times a day. If you look closely you can see that Finley is being a typical big sis and adding a bit of insult to his injury. Don't worry, I helped him out of this mess (after snapping a few pics first!).

We both had so much fun playing with this stuff. Finley loved drizzling the slime on my hands. If I closed my eyes I could almost pretend I was at the salon getting a paraffin dip. Almost, but not quite.

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