Shaving Cream Paint in the Bath

I love this idea. I especially love it the day after the Fall time change when the kids are all messed up on their sleep and the little one does the whole fall-asleep-in-the-car-for-15-minutes-and-call-it-a-nap thing and the older one is O-O-C (out of control). So after that kind of day, I decided to try this out. It's a great time-waster, your bathroom will smell like a freshly shaven man (love that!) and your bathtub might be slightly cleaner if you get your kids to do a little scrubbing along with their painting.

I found this on a few different sites (here and here) through Pinterest. It's super easy-peasy. All you need is shaving cream, food coloring, bowls and paint brushes. Spray some shaving cream into a bowl or dish. (I've seen this done in a muffin tin which was super cute, too.) Add some food coloring. Stir it around. And now you have shaving cream paint.

Start the bath, strip the kids, and let them at it.

I made the mistake of telling Grady to "dip, dip" his paint brush. When he hears "dip, dip" he thinks of food so of course the paint brush went straight to his mouth. At least the food coloring is safe for consumption. Not so sure about the effects of ingesting a bit of shaving cream.

Finley had loads of fun with this. She is very into mixing colors right now. (Have you read The Color Kittens? Finley loves that book right now.) She was mixing up her own new colors with the pink, blue and green I gave her.

I have no idea why we have a Kewpie doll in the bathtub. It's a little creepy. But aren't they just the cutest? I didn't even have to bribe them to get them to kiss.
Look at all those wrinkles! I think that's a sign of a fun bath time!

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  1. How fun. my grandma used to let us play in the big tub with about 3can of cream.. and I used to teach at a daycare where we did shaving cream art at the table cause it didtnt stain. Ill have to try this mix-up for my 22month old.