Water Play

A month or so ago I made Oobleck with the kids and needed to keep them busy while I cleaned up their mess. So I pulled two chairs up to the kitchen sink, filled it with soap, turned on the water and gave them a few big spoons. And then I asked myself, "Why have I not done this before?"

I remember having so much fun playing in the sink as a kid. (Funny that it's so much fun as a kid, not so much as a grown-up.)

The splashing quickly turned into pouring water on the boy's head. But he didn't seem to mind.

It did get a bit messy, but the kids had so much fun and it's not as if soapy water is really messy. Plus it just gave me a little encouragement to mop the floors afterwards.

This one is definitely going onto my list of keep 'em busy so I can get on facebook fun activities for toddlers.

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